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Company Profile
MMI has successfully managed residential and commercial properties in Minnesota for over 25+ years. We are experienced in managing apartment communities, commercial property, and condominiums.
MMI adds value for owners by doing the things we do best - handle the physical and financial issues that constantly arise while providing an outstanding living environment for all residents. Superior management and leasing teams give each asset individual attention, in order to deliver optimal results for owners.
Customer Service
Our operating culture is to be focused on our customers. Our goal is to provide our residents with courtesy, professionalism, clean and attractive communities. We emphasize the the quality of our on-site employees through recruiting, training and retention programs, which we believe contributes to improved customer service and leads increased occupancy rate and enhanced performance.
Resident Selection and Retention
In apartment properties, neighbors are a part of the product, together with the location of the property and the physical quality of the apartments units. Part of our conventional operations strategy is to focus on resident acquisition and retention - attracting and retaining credit-worthy residents who are good neighbors. We believe that the costs exceed the benefits when higher occupancy results from lowering of financial stability standards.
Revenue Increase
We increase rents where feasible and seek to improve occupancy rates. We have implemented initiatives to retain current residents and reduce the time and cost associated with resident turnover.
In attracting and retaining residents to occupy our properties, we compete with numerous other housing alternatives. Our properties compete directly with other rental apartments, as well as with condominiums and single family homes that are available for rent or purchase in the markets which are properties are located. Principal facts of competition include rent or price charged, attractiveness of the location, and property and quality and breadth of service. The number of competitive properties in a particular area has a material effect on our ability to lease apartments at our properties and on the rents we charge.
Owner Satisfaction
At Marathon Management, we work hard for our owners and residents, and take pride in the results. Owners appreciate our effective communication, our immediate response, and our consistence in meeting or beating industry standards of excellence.
"You do a wonderful job with the apartments and I appreciate it. The extra cash flow was a dream!"
"Just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job in keeping the occupancy up and letting us in on news in a timely manner. What more could I ask?"
"New report format showing per unit improvement over prior year is're doing a great job!"
"Nice work...good to know things are in your capable hands."